Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment involves correcting abnormal movement patterns in the joints. Adjustments are useful in reducing pain and dysfunction while increasing motion.

For many people, pain and discomfort may stem from fixations (restricted joints) in the spinal column. Those restrictions affect how the body functions and a person’s range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments are a hand-driven practice. Through a gentle and quick force, chiropractic adjustments can restore that movement in the joints and increase the neurological input to the body.

Although there are many chiropractic adjustment techniques, the most common technique involves a professionally controlled and fast directional thrust manually into the joint. This thrust pushes the joint beyond its current range of motion to resolve the underlying issues. An audible release due to joint cavitation (the release of gas from the sudden decrease in pressure) often follows the manipulation.


Chiropractic Dry Needling is a manual, therapeutic technique aimed at healing dysfunctional muscle tissue in the body. Using a thin needle, such as those used in acupuncture, our chiropractors can pierce the skin and target a myofascial trigger point (taut band of tissue). This provokes an involuntary twitch response and a variety of biochemical reactions, which reduces tension in the muscle and helps restore normal function. If you’re having trouble with muscle pain or function, dry needling may be able to help!

Chiropractic Dry Needling can help reduce or even eliminate musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain associated with, but not limited to:
Back pain
Neck pain
Plantar fascitis
Jaw pain
Shoulder pain
Knee pain
Tennis elbow
Shin splints
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Little leaguers elbow
Nerve entrapments
Achilles tendinitis


IASTM is a form of manual therapy known as soft tissue, instrument-assisted mobilization. It’s just one of a number of manual therapy approaches we have in our “toolbox,” It uses instruments with a specialized form of massage/scraping the skin gently to help restore function and relief any pain or discomfort.

At MovLab we use IASTM to restore the proper function and tissue quality of the musculoskeletal system. This technique uses specially designed, stainless steel instruments to detect and treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis, adhesions, and/or chronic inflammation. This allows us to place our athletes in their sport-specific positions in order to precisely isolate and release the soft tissue restrictions interfering with their movement.


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which the Dr. will put special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Patients have it done for many purposes; mostly to help reduce pain, tight muscles and inflammation and increase blood flow, relaxation and well-being. Chinese medicine states cupping is the most deep-tissue massage you can get.

Cupping therapy works by using suction and negative pressure that can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system (which makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure). Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite.

Some of the side effects after treatment can cause the skin around the rim of the cup to become irritated and bruised in a circular pattern. You may also have tenderness at incision sites or feel lightheaded or dizzy shortly after your session.


Proprioceptive feedback (or input) we receive from the various tissues and joints in our body can influence the way we move. Depending on our daily, repetitive activities, the ways in which we move or complete tasks can lead to excessive strain on muscle tissue(s). This can lead to pain and even injury over time. Chiropractic Kinesiology, or Kinesio, Taping can provide external feedback to help correct and improve these movement patterns. In addition, Kinesio Taping also improves blood flow and lymph return, which can aid in tissue recovery!

Kinesio tape is designed to promote healing and support the joints and muscles without restricting the body’s natural range of motion. Kinesio taping is a method people of all ages can benefit from, especially for those recovering from an injury or surgery.

Made with a blend of nylon and cotton, our Rock Tape mimics the elasticity of the skin, allowing patients to move, exercise, and perform physical daily activities without restriction. On the other hand, traditional tape stabilizes joints and muscles while holding them in place, which in return can possibly lead to dysfunction and/or restriction of proper biomechanics.

Rehabilitative Exercise

This is the most valuable treatment tool we offer at our practice. Therapeutic exercise is a variety of movements that help to restore and build physical strength, endurance, power, and flexibility. The goal is to progressively load injured tissues to return our patients to a pain-free, fully functioning state.

Based on the initial assessment, our doctor will determine a treatment plan that includes an exercise program tailored to the patient’s needs. Depending on the patients tissue irritability, exercises can be manipulated to fit each patients stage of healing to ensure no wasted time in the clinic. Programs are carefully monitored by your doctor and emphasize an appropriate progression to allow tissues to adapt appropriately and thrive. Our ultimate goals is to have our patients performing the movements or tasks that they wanted to get back to doing by their discharge.

How does therapeutic exercise work?

Targeted exercise programs can improve most musculoskeletal injuries to reduce pain and improve function. Therapeutic exercise works in a few different ways:
Movement at the joint level helps to nourish joint surface by reabsorbing tissue waste and bringing in new nutrients.
It promotes muscle activation to reduce loading of joint surfaces, and improves active stability through improvements in strength.
When performed appropriately, stimulates muscle to breakdown and rebuild stronger than it was.
Increases neural recruitment to stimulate more muscle fibers to perform a given task.
All of these effects work together to help the body heal and function optimally. This is why our clinic has a large focus on this to help your body heal.
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